NIS clerk robbed by armed bandits in Agricola


Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding a robbery under arms committed on a middle aged National Insurance Scheme (NIS) Clerk on Monday morning on the Agricola public road on the East Bank of Demerara (EBD).

The victim has been identified as Lorna Carrington of Eccles, EBD.

Based on information received, the incident occurred at about 09:45h.

Carrington was robbed of gold jewelry valued at $50,000.

INews understands that the victim, in the company of a 42-year-old friend, visited the vulcanizing shop located in Agricola, EBD with her motorcar to patch a tyre.

The male friend reportedly went into the shop while Carrington was approached by two male suspects, on bicycles.

One of the men, who was armed, reportedly demanded that the woman turn over her valuables, and she immediately complied.

At that time, the NIS clerk’s friend reportedly ran to her assistance. However, this resulted in the armed bandit discharging a warning round in the air before he and his accomplice fled the scene.

So far, no arrests have been made.



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