New Year’s message from APNU/AFC coalition Govt


Following is the full text of the New Year’s message issued by the APNU/AFC coalition Government:

As we reflect on 2016, Guyana’s Golden Jubilee year, we are pleased with the accomplishments of our nation. We are inspired that 2016 was both a celebratory and foundational year for our nation. It was a year in which we reconnected with tens of thousands of our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora who visited Guyana, many after being away for decades, as we joined hands and hearts in celebrating our historic 50th Independence Anniversary with fervor.

The majestic rising of the Golden Arrowhead at D’Urban Park  on May 26th laid patriotic emotions bare and renewed the nation with hope and a spirit of enthusiasm for Guyana’s future. It evoked the lyrics of Dave Martin’s song – “Clear the way, Guyana comin’ back.”

Despite some challenges and hiccups, 2016 was a year in which two national budgets were presented and the groundwork for achieving the good life for all Guyanese commenced in earnest. Structural changes, institutional re-organization and re-focusing were necessary.

The Coalition Government looks forward to intensifying this work in 2017 in expanding the horizon of all Guyanese. It is planned that 2017 will be the year in which we both complete the foundational work for future development and commence the transformational work in pole vaulting Guyana towards the good life.

This process will be neither automatic or without hurdles. It will require the talents, intellect, skills, commitment and contribution of all patriotic Guyanese.

In the new year constitutional reform will take centre stage, as will major infrastructural projects such as the bridging of Essequibo river, a new bridge across the Demerara river, building of the Parika to Goshen road, paving of the Linden/Mabura phase of the Linden/Lethem road and waterfront developments in the city and at Vreed-en-Hoop. Our social services, health care, education, public security, utility services, foreign service, telecommunications, business, housing, hinterland development, public service and other sectors will undergo transformation and modernisation.

The theme of Budget 2017 – ‘Building a diversified green economy; Delivering the good life to all Guyanese’ – sets the tone for the year ahead. The Coalition Government encourages all to set aside partisan interests and join the effort to work towards achieving a better quality of life for all Guyanese.

The Coalition Government sincerely expresses best wishes for a safe, productive, inclusive, progressive and successful 2017 to Guyanese, at home and overseas, as we work together in fulfilling the mandate of a good life for all.



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