New figures confirm EU has kept place as world’s leading aid donor in 2015


The European Union and its Member States have once again kept their place as the world’s leading aid donor, providing more than half of the total Official Development Assistance (ODA) reported last year by members of the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), according to the figures published today.

euOECD figures show that EU Official Development Assistance has increased to €68 billion in 2015 (up 15% from €59 billion in 2014) – growing for the third year in a row (and reaching its highest level to date). EU collective ODA represented 0.47% of EU Gross National Income (GNI) in 2015, an increase from 0.43% in 2014. This is significantly above the non-EU country average of 0.21% ODA/GNI,  according to a statement from the local EU Commission office in Guyana.

The statement also included a comment from Ambassador Jernej Videtič, who said: “…that the EU remains the world’s leading provider of Development Assistance clearly demonstrates our firm commitment to financing for development and supporting the new Sustainable Development Goals. In 2015, faced with an unprecedented migration crisis, the EU and its Member States were able to increase both their support to refugees as well as their development aid to developing countries. The EU and Guyana have a strong and long-standing relationship and in the more than 40 years since EU-Guyana cooperation commenced the EU has provided more than €600 million (Gy$150 billion) to Guyana. The EU has provided funding to a broad range of development areas: climate change adaptation, disaster reduction, sustainable infrastructure (including sea defences); the sugar industry, rice, and bauxite industries; infrastructure projects such as the rehabilitation of the Demerara Harbour Bridge, the expansion of Ogle Airport, the ferry connecting Guyana and Suriname, upgrading the water supply and power utility systems; and human rights development. The EU also provides substantial funding to the Caribbean region which Guyana also benefits from. The EU remains the largest donor to Guyana and is a committed partner to Guyana’s development.”



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