New Amsterdam pensioner chops intruder


A 20-year-old alleged burglar was this morning chopped about his body with a cutlass after he broke into the home of a pensioner of Vryman’s Erven, New Amsterdam, Berbice.

The suspect, of Angoy’s Avenue, is under guard at the New Amsterdam Hospital. He had to undergo surgery and is currently in a stable condition, police said in a statement.

Reports are that the pensioner, who is 67-years-old, was awakened by a noise at around 03:00hrs today. Upon investigation, he was confronted by the perpetrator who was armed with a cutlass.

The perpetrator wounded the pensioner to his right palm, police said.

However, the pensioner quickly armed himself with a cutlass and chopped the intruder multiple times about his body.

He then summoned the police via 911.

Police responded promptly and arrested the suspect, who reportedly attempted to steal a laptop from the premises.


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