Canada “disappointed” with Govt’s honouring of convicted terrorist

Canadian High Commissioner to Guyana Lillian Chatterjee

The Canadian High Commission in Guyana has become the latest in a number of diplomatic delegations to criticise the coalition government for honoring former parliamentarian Abdul Kadir, who is also a convicted terrorist.

“Canada is disappointed that members of Guyana’s National Assembly have paid tribute to former MP Abdul Kadir, a convicted terrorist,” Canada said in a statement to the media today.

Canada’s criticism come in the wake of rebukes from the United States, the United Kingdom’s envoy and the European Union. The Opposition, PPP/C also criticised the government for passing such a motion.

The motion – sympathy on the Death of Mr Abdul Kadir, former Member of Parliament – was tabled by Junior Agriculture Minister Valerie Patterson-Yearwood, who described the convicted terrorist as a “great man” and a “stalwart”.

The motion was brought and passed in the absence of PPP parliamentarians, who have vowed to stay away from sittings until the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) rules on all no-confidence motion related cases.

Meanwhile, in light of the overwhelming backlash regarding the honouring of the convicted terrorist, Social Protection Minister Amna Ally noted on the sidelines of the Labour Day march today, that government will have to review how sympathy motions are done.

Kadir died while serving a life sentence in a US prison after he was found guilty of plotting an attack at the John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York.


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