New Amsterdam mortuary closed indefinitely


The mortuary at the New Amsterdam Hospital, which has been out of service for some time  now, is closed indefinitely. The facility at the Region’s premier medical institution has been closed for almost two weeks.

Director of Regional Health Services, Jevaughn Stephen stated that the decision to close the mortuary indefinitely was taken on January 23.

According to Stephens, the Hospital administration had been experiencing issues with the mortuary during the latter part of 2018 due to a fluctuation in the electricity supply provided by the Guyana Power and Light (GPL).

He said that the mortuary is likely to be back in operations before the end of the week but he cannot give a guarantee on that.

The Health Services Director added that other equipment at the Hospital is also being affected due to the fluctuation of the voltage which comes from GPL.

On Friday last, the Guyana Water Inc. had stated that it was unable to provide water to some residents on the East Bank of Berbice and sections of the Corentyne Coast and Black Bush Polder due to the fact that it was not getting the required voltage from the electricity company to power the pump stations and water treatment plants.

According to the Director of the water company, Dr Richard Van West Charles, the water treatment plant in New Amsterdam was being powered by a generator but GWI did not have enough generators to operate the nine pump stations which were affected.




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