National Tourism Policy to be presented to Cabinet soon

Minister of Public Telecommunications, Catherine Hughes, MP, will retain responsibility for Tourism in addition to her new duties.

Following a number of public consultations on the National Tourism Policy (NTP), some of the suggestions from stakeholders are being incorporated into the plan that will soon be presented to Cabinet, according to GINA.

Minister of Telecommunication with responsibility for tourism, Catherine Hughes was quoted by GINA as saying that the Government has been incorporating some of the suggestions that were received from stakeholders.

Minister of Tourism, Cathy Hughes
Minister of Tourism, Cathy Hughes

Minister Hughes said that by the end of next week, the completed policy will be submitted to Cabinet for approval, after which it will be laid in parliament.

The policy was sent to a number of stakeholders including the Tourism and Hospitality Association (THAG), and some of the suggestions received are “very good”, Minister Hughes stated.

The Minister said the plan has been endorsed by the stakeholders as a good one for the future development of the tourism sector.

The policy will address legislation and regulations on tourism investment, incentives and concessions, marketing, product development, human resource development, infrastructure, aviation, sustainability, and best practices and more. 

The NTP will guide the tourism sector, with emphasis being placed on eco-tourism as part of selling Guyana more effectively on the international market.


Tourism is viewed as an important sector in the national economy. It can attract foreign investment, create jobs, especially within indigenous communities and encourage production in other areas such as construction, tour guides and other hospitality industries.





  1. Madame Minister, we are coming home for the 50th anniversary, and to have a nice time. My concerns are that in America I am allowed to go to any public office and to dress appropriate with my shorts, and women are allowed to wear sleeveless attire. I am certain Madame Minister that while you are in the USA you have worn your sleeveless top or shorts without being insulted by security guards and office staff. Guyana is a hot climate country, and where the idea came from that shorts and sleeveless are not allowed in public places of business is just not understandable . This is not good for tourism. The security guards gets pleasure in showing off their powers. Why have you not yet declared that this practice is not good for tourism.

  2. National Tourism Policy to be presented to Cabinet soon.
    INews you have your work cut out now..
    People are coming in for PNC biggest jump ever..
    You have to keep tabs on those whom will be hauled aside with their “galahar” and those with their “bling bling”…The public must know who or whom get free passes.


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