Nandlall accuses APNU+AFC of siphoning off money to fund LGE campaign

Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall
Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall

[] – Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall has criticized the APNU+AFC government for the lack of transparency in the award of contracts regarding the cleanup exercise in Georgetown.

Nandlall during a press conference on December 02 said that the Opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) welcomes the initiative but nothing is known about the spending of the public funds.

“The Mayor and his crew have been in office for 20 years and we have never seen a cleanup campaign of such magnitude and diligence although while we were in government, hundreds of millions of dollars were pumped into the city council annually by central government to do precisely this. It was never done,” the PPP Parliamentarian said.

He told reporters that the PPP is concerned about the absence of transparency and public accountability regarding how much money has been spent thus far “and from whence it has been sourced; how many contractors have been given contracts and what are the value of these contracts; by what process, if any, were these contracts awarded; were these contractors also handpicked?”Clean up

Additionally, he accused the government of using monies from the cleanup project to fund its campaign for the upcoming Local Government Elections.

“Our information is that huge sums of money from this project are being siphoned off to be used for Local Government Elections and that is the reason why there is an absence of transparency and accountability.

“We are simply asking for information to be made public regarding the expenditure of public funds, millions of which are being spent to clean up the city of Georgetown – an exercise we support – but there is absolutely no accountability. We are not told what these projects are. We have our suspicion that monies are being siphoned off to go towards funding election campaign for Local Government Elections,” the former Attorney General said.



  1. When Nandlall spent monies as alleged,that were not his,he should have been charged and jailed with mis-appropiation of funds.How hypocritical and presumptuous one can be.The previous PPP/C government that he was a member of had stymied the works of the Mayor and City Concillors of Georgetown by withholding funds from them,even taxes were paid in lats spitefully and wickedly.It was later said,that the alleged monies were paid back by him.

  2. I wish this ugly Dalit would examine his own thought process in siphoning off money for his wife’s medical uses before accusing others… and whilst he’s at it, look at the whole of that corrupt thieving cabal who were in office several months ago before being kicked to the curb before pointing fingers…

  3. Who cares if you stopped reading guyana news? A lot of people like you read like parrots but don’t understand one damn thing. Anyone who reads anything from just one source and accepts as gospel truth cannot make objective evaluations. And it is obvious you have been fed with pig tripe concocted by the APNU/AFC Chefs, the masters of deceptions

  4. Proper accounting should be provided for the money received and spent and I am sure this will be done in due course. I am however inclined to believe that the PPP really want to know which ‘disloyal’ businessmen contributed to the campaign. Having said that, it is truly amazing how the PPP have overnight become crusaders for transparency and accountability. They who plundered the national assets for two decades are now bellowing corruption at the drop of a hat. Incidentally, I do not believe that Nandlall has heard anything suggesting that APNU-AFC are siphoning off money to aid their local government elections efforts. He is lying. That is trickery to fool the gullible. He should state why he allowed his wife to take a top position at GRA which she has since been proven to be totally clueless about. I am assuming that he did not find that job for her. This guy needs to reduce his public profile, stop rattling off absurdities and do some solid legal work. Then maybe in seven or eight years’ time he will be a genuine candidate for senior counsel status. It is all about what you present, justify and support before a judge not what you rattle of at press conferences or in letters to editors.

  5. Well just for the sake of argument, let us stipulate that they are siphoning off funds to clean the city. How valid is the gripe of someone who siphoned off state funds for his personal use. How valid is the grip of a party that siphoned off state funds for cosmetic dentistry for a slew of Ministers when there were citizens dying for want of money to access medical treatment abroad. What is more atrocious? Siphoning off state funds to pay for political banners, posters, bloggers and a host of other partisan crap, or using state funds for the purpose for which it was intended. Doing something positive for the general welfare of the nation and its peoples.

  6. Green slept for 23 years when the PPP/C was in Ofiice.Like Kumkarran Ravan’s Brother and he ate all the money the then Gov’t gave him to clean the City,now Granger his Brother (Ravan)awaken him recently and he started to clean the City.They only cleaning around Granger’s residence and the Market Square where people will venture.What about the other Areas.Are these not part of Guyana


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