Murdered waitress: Suspect in custody confesses to ‘heinous crime’- Police


One of the three suspects who were taken into custody following the murder of 22-year-old Marissa Fraser in Number 5 Village, Berbice between December 3 and December 4 has reportedly admitted to the “heinous crime.”

Marisa Fraser’s body was pulled from a trench in Berbice

According to Police, the suspect is a 38-year-old watchman who resides in the Number 4 Village, Berbice.

INews had reported that the partially nude body of Fraser of Lot 24 Public Road, Number 4 Village, West Coast Berbice was fished out of a canal at Number 5 Village, West Coast Berbice on Monday morning.

Her body had multiple stab wounds to the face and head and was discovered a short distance from a pool of blood at Back Street, Number 5 Village.

A resident of the area, identified only as ‘Bebi’ said that at 06:30hrs, she saw a trail of blood in the centre of the street which leads to the village cemetery. However, she reportedly paid no mind until three hours later when a farmer saw the body in a corner of the canal.

She had “only a top on. Her slippers (were) on the ground right there. There was a lot of mud on her face, and when the Police came, they had to wipe off some of the mud to see if anybody could identify her,” Bebi explained.

The dead woman’s aunt has said that from all indications there was a struggle between the deceased woman, identified as a waitress and her attacker(s).

She is of the belief that more than one person attacked and sexually assaulted Fraser, since according to the woman, Fraser’s hair was muddy and she had burn marks on her arms, suggesting that she had been tortured.

Police found a part of a scissors at the scene, and this they said it is believed to be the murder weapon.

Fraser had last been seen by her cousin at home as she was preparing to go to a wedding reception in the next village.

Fraser leaves to mourn her mother and two brothers.

Police investigations are continuing.


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