Murder of Biker: Alleged killer reportedly hiding in Suriname

Dead Biker: Kirk Davis
Dead: Kurt Davis

iNews has been reliably informed that the Georgetown businessman who is the main suspect in the execution of well-known biker, Kurt Davis is said to be hiding in neighbouring Suriname.

iNews has been able to confirm that the young businessman, who lives in Alexander Village, Georgetown fled the country immediately after allegedly committing the gruesome murder. According to information gathered by iNews, the businessman and Davis were very close friends, as they used to race together.

However, to date, despite having all of the information on the businessman the police have not issued a wanted bulletin for him. The name of the businessman is known to iNews but cannot be mentioned unless he is officially charged with the crime.

Davis was gunned down in front of his Eccles home on September 3. The businessman accused 30 – year – old Davis of having an affair with his wife. According to police investigations thus far, the businessman turned up at Davis’ East Bank Demerara home with his wife and sister – in – law on the said evening.

Reports indicate that an argument erupted, and Davis was shot. After being shot, Davis ran away from the car and collapsed, after which the businessman ran after him, stood over his body and pumped more bullets into his chest.

It is reported that Davis was shot approximately 12 times. Meanwhile, during the shooting, the businessman’s sister – in – law was also shot. She was taken to a private institution for treatment.

However, she is relating an entire different story, as she told investigators that she was robbed in Alexander Village.



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