Mother confesses to forcing 4-year-old daughter to drink poison


Two days after it was reported that a 4-year-old consumed a poisonous substance that she found while playing in the yard, police have now secured a confession statement from the mother who admitted to forcing the child to drink the poison.

Police had stated that the child, Tinesha Shamshundar of Number 50 Village Corentyne is hospitalized in a critical state at the New Amsterdam Hospital.

However, initially, the toddler’s 23-year-old mother had told police that she collected the weedicide from her mother-in-law to spray the yard and she had secured it in her goat pen.

She claimed that the child was playing in the yard and subsequently told her that opened that bottle and drank the substance.  Both the mother and father were reportedly arrested.

During interrogation, the woman told detectives that her husband returned home under the influence of alcohol and an argument broke out between them that later turned physical.

The husband, on the other hand, related that his wife had threatened to consume poison and feed it to their only child.

Upon receiving this information, she was again grilled by the police and eventually confessed to forcing the 4-year-old to drink the substance.

Both parents remain in custody while doctors are monitoring the child’s condition.