More confusion over Diwali date


images[] – The Ministry of Public Security and the Viraat Sabhaa are disagreeing with the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha over the date for Diwali observance this year.

The Dharmic Sabha in a press release insists that the date for Diwali this year should be November 11 based on religious grounds. 

This comes after Public Security Miniter and Vice President Khemraj Ramjattan says that the date for Diwali to be gazetted will be Tuesday, November 10

According to a press statement from the Viraat Sabha: “We remain convinced that this year’s festival must be observed on Tuesday, November 10…Our conviction on the November 10date is based on calculations premised on the knowledge of renowned Astrologists, Kaushik, Kaashi and Bhaskaar. These Panchangs/Patras (Astrological guides), all convincingly demonstrate that Deepawali 2015 is on November 10.” 

The release added: “Having realized that calendars published by the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha (GHDS) shows the observance of Deepawali for Wednesday, November 11, and which is reflected on national calendars, the Viraat Sabhaa submitted a petition to the government for consideration of an intervention to have the true date reflected as Tuesday, November 10.” 

The Viraat Sabhaa says it is supported by a number Hindu organisations including:

  1. The Sanatan Vaidic Dharma Pandits’ Sabhaa of Region 3 headed by Pandit Balbadar who is a Hindu Philosopher, Sanskrit Teacher and Author.
  2. Pandit Chowbay, an academic, from the Par Upkaric Sabha in Essequibo.
  3. Pandit Rudranauth Sharma and associates from the Guyana Pandits’ Council.
  4. The Maha Sabha
  5. The Gandhi Youth Organisation
  6. The Cove & John Ashram.
  7. Pandit Prabhu Deo Sharma and others from the Corentyne. 

The GHDS was forthright that it is guided by the Bhavani Shankar Panchang to derive these dates. The Viraat Sabhaa, however contends “that this particular Panchang/Patra has over the years lost its popularity with local Pandits.The English versions of the other Panchangs/Patras are now easily available. All the related calculations are already computed in these versions resulting in many Mandirs now printing their own calendars based on this information.”

Despite this being the first occasion where Hindus are publically disagreeing over the date of one of its sacred festival, the Viraat Sabhaa says it is “guided by the truth and hopes that this will result in the desired unity that always appeared to be elusive in the past.”

Meanwhile, the Dharmic Sabha is proceeding with its annual countrywide motorcades.  



  1. can everybody check diwalli on internet and see it will celebrated on 11 of november world wide by hindu come please people you have a patra read it or go to internet and look please didn’t get confused and shame the hindu populations that we didn’t know when will celebrated this holiday that lord rama come to ourselves for us to joy please people do the right thing harri rama harri rama


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