Ministry reports high tourist arrivals for Jubilee celebration – says hotels fully booked


With Guyana just a few days away from observing one of its most important events in the country’s history, the Public Telecommunications and Tourism Ministry has recorded a high tourist influx to Guyana, the result of which has hotels across the country filled to capacity, leading to more persons opening their homes as part of the “Bed and Breakfast” initiative.

Visitors being greeted upon their arrival at the CJIA.
Visitors being greeted upon their arrival at the CJIA.

This was confirmed by Tourism Minister Cathy Hughes, who was quoted in Guyana Times as saying that on Friday that the feedback has been “tremendous” in terms of tourists and the Diaspora showing their interest in being a part of the grand celebrations.

The Minister additionally reported that the support from the Guyanese population has been outstanding as more persons are indicating their interest in opening their homes to house the tourists.

Hughes related that only on Thursday, 60 persons had turned out at the Ministry to enlist their names and undergo training to be part of the “bed and breakfast” initiative which is being implemented to facilitate the large turnout expected from the Diaspora.

These training sessions, according to the Minister, provide a comprehensive approach to how these persons can house their guests, and what is expected of them. “The people are excited to get on board with the initiative and they are ready to go,” she noted.

A visitor being given a warm Guyanese welcome
A visitor being given a warm ‘Guyanese welcome’ upon arrival at the CJIA.

Since rooms are booked at the hotels, Hughes announced that persons visiting from the Diaspora or those in Guyana, who are looking for a city hotel, need to first make contact with the Ministry so that they could assist in locating places for them.

She said that once contacted, the Ministry may be able to assign a place under the “Bread and Breakfast” initiative where the guests can stay for the period of time leading up to the anniversary, and after.

According to the information received, frequent inspections of the premises earmarked to house the impending guests are carried out by the members of the initiative’s committee.

The Tourism Minister outlined that restaurants across the city have recorded a significant improvement in their businesses as the demand for fast food is escalating with the increased number of visitors from the Diaspora.

Smaller restaurants, however, have reported that their businesses remain the same since many are not aware of the locations, and prefer the larger food outlets, Hughes said.

Nonetheless, it has been reported that there is an overall improvement to the tourism sector in Guyana, as the long list of activities are attracting a large number of tourists from countries across the world.




  1. You would have been MUCH HAPPIER if its was all DUCK CURRY computation and tasa drums,, are you wanted in your home country or you droke and can’t return to INDIA , why stay in a country living in HATE?

  2. What about the Marriott? Is the Marriott also fully booked? Are they anyone that were looking for facilities like the Marriott but had to settled for less or cancelled their trip because of lack of accommodation? Cathy, you and your APNU government said that Guyana don’t need more hotels yet you are talking about tourism. Don,t you think that to promote and sustain tourism for Guyana to benefited there is need for many more hotels like the Marriott? Someone with out vision would think otherwise.

  3. What happened when the big jump up is over ppl will still be without jobs unable to support their families and that list is getting longer and longer daily –more will be robbed and killed–the visitors will return home while we here have to face the wrath of this incompetent,arrogant ,useless dictatorship government.The economy is at a standstill and these fools are having a ball.


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