Minister Patterson donates ‘self-help’ equipment to Sophia residents


Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson last Saturday handed over a number of materials to residents of North Sophia, Greater Georgetown, fulfilling a promise he had made to that community during a community walkabout earlier this year.

Handed over in a simple ceremony, the equipment will be used by residents in furtherance of community self-help clean-up endeavours over the coming months. Among the materials donated are wheel-barrows, shovels, rakes, cutlasses, pitchforks and buckets.

Minister Patterson has deemed the self-help project an excellent initiative being promoted by the Chairman and Project Coordinator of the community. In a social media post, he noted that he has fulfilled a promise made to the community to support them in their ‘self-help community clean-up’ efforts.

“We were able to deliver on that promise. Clean efforts started (Sunday) morning,” Minister Patterson stated.

After works have been completed, 12 LED lamps will be installed at various points within the community.