Mingo to remain in custody as police secures court order

Clairmont Mingo
Clairmont Mingo

Embattled Returning Officer Clairmont Mingo will remain in police custody for another 24-hours after a court order was granted by acting Chief Justice Rishi Persaud.

The 72-hour detention period by which the Police Force could have kept the suspect in custody expired at around 14:30hrs today.

However, Justice Rishi Persaud granted an application for that time to be extended for another 24-hours, meaning that the embattled Returning Officer is set to be released from custody tomorrow.

According to the court order, upon his release, Mingo must report to the CID Headquarters every day at 9am from August 30.

It was also ordered that Mingo lodge his passport with the CID Headquarters and report any change of residence.

The order was granted hours after Mingo’s lawyer, Darren Wade, withdrew an application for his client to be released from custody.

Mingo and several other election officials have been taken into custody as police investigate allegations of electoral fraud.

Mingo is accused of attempting to alter the results of the election in favour of the APNU/AFC Coalition by using concocted figures during the tabulation of votes for Region Four – the country’s largest voting district.

Court Order Mingo v COP