‘Medical school’ Administrator still in Police custody


Acting A Division (Georgetown-East Bank)  Commander Marlon Chapman, has stated that the Administrator of the ‘bogus’ medical school, who goes by several names, remained in Police custody and the Police would be seeking legal advice on their next move.

According to a source from the Education Ministry, the Administrator of the North Shore Medical College was instructed not to open her school until her registration was processed.

K Singh being escorted by Police after holding two students hostage for four hours
K Singh being escorted by Police after holding two students hostage for four hours

“I was informed that the school’s registration was incomplete and they were supposed to wait until it was completed. She was told not to start teaching until everything was processed,” the source stated.

The woman, K Singh, had held two students hostage in a locked building after Police turned up to arrest her for allegedly ripping off hundreds of students. She had locked herself and the students in the upper flat of the school after scores of other students turned up and began pounding on the door, demanding refunds on the grounds she was operating a bogus medical institution.

However, after four tense hours, the captive students were released and the Police managed to gain entry into the building by climbing through a window to arrest her. She was escorted out of the compound by two Policewomen and one Policeman into a vehicle and taken to the Alberttown Police Station for questioning.

In 2009, former Health Minister, Dr Leslie Ramsammy had accused Singh of operating a fake nursing school, called “Inter-American Nursing School”. He had stated that hundreds of students were scammed into releasing large sums of money to her. She was arrested and placed on bail. However, some time later, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) had recommended that no charges be laid against her.

Four years later, another medical school surfaced—this time under the same woman. In 2014, another set of students took to the streets in protest against the woman and her school – insisting that they were being scammed. It was reported that Singh, who went by the name Gita Kissoon, never turned up to supervise their examination.

In both instances, the Education Ministry and the Public Health Ministry were notified, but nothing was done to seriously address the matter.


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