Letter: M&CC’s responses to its electorate are unacceptable

Dear Editor,
Mayor Chase-Green’s most recent letter to the media is the last in a series of attempts to trivialize the genuine concerns of the citizens she is supposed to represent. Instead of participating in respectful discourse, the Mayor and City Council have attempted to incite racial prejudice (referring to protestors as the “putagee mafia”), single out citizens by name in published media (the “rabble rousers”), and in the latest attempt, divide people along party lines (referring to protesters as “PPP supporters”).
The organisation of a counter protest during the time of the anti-parking meter protest is among the most immature of their actions. The Mayor and City Council’s response to the protestors from the onset has been to ignore and ridicule, rather than to respectfully participate in discourse. This reckless and irresponsible behaviour is exactly what has marred this country’s politics.

We should expect more mature behaviour from our elected officials. It is time we start holding our leaders responsible for their actions. Whatever one’s stance is on the parking meter situation, the responses of the Mayor and City Council to the citizens they are elected to represent have been unacceptable.

Kind regards,
Meshach Pierre


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