Masked gunmen shoot duo on Melanie Public Road


Police in Regional Division #4C are investigating an alleged shooting incident committed against 27-year-old Ryan Joseph and 29-year-old Bimal Veersammy which occurred on 2022-08-09 about 20:30 at Melanie Public Road, ECD by three men (two armed with small handgun and the third male; the driver of a silver motorcar HD series).

Enquires disclosed that on Tuesday evening the two victims and a third person were sitting liming in front of a residence when a silver Bluebird motorcar approached from a western direction on the Melanie Public Road heading east. The  motorcar then turned around a short distance from where the victims were sitting before stopping immediately in front of the victims. Two masked men then exited the back seat of the car and immediately opened fire on the victim causing them to flee the area for safety.

Ryan Joseph received five gunshot injuries to his right, one to his left leg, to his left hand and one to his abdomen, Bimal Veersammy received gunshot injuries to his right hand, elbow and left leg above the knee, while the third male escaped unharmed.

After the shooting the two masked shooters re-entered the awaiting motorcar and it drove west heading to Georgetown.

The two victims were rushed to the GPHC where they were seen and treated in and are presently both in a stable condition.

Investigation in progress.