Marriott Hotel admits to dumping waste at sea


[Photo: Roraima Airways]
[Photo: Roraima Airways]
[] – Atlantic Hotel Inc. (AHI), owner of the Georgetown Marriott Hotel project has admitted to dumping waste at the seawalls, following a report carried by a popular local daily newspaper.

In a media release from AHI, it was noted that the Shanghai Construction Group (SCG) is contracted by AHI, for the design and construction of the hotel project and employed labourers without authorization of SCG’s management.

 According to the release, it was these labourers who disposed “of the contents of three barrels of cement retardant material, which were in storage pending removal from the site as expired material.”  

The media release noted that AHI has instituted measures through its site administration to prevent the repetition of this occurring and is fully cooperating with the Guyana Environmental Protection Agency (GEPA), whose team visited the site immediately following the publication of the report in the media.

“The contractual agreement between AHI and SCG requires SCG to meet minimum LEED (US Green Building Council) certification standards before the hotel is taken over from the contractor. Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) USGBC certification is recognized across the globe as the premier mark of achievement in green building,” the media release stated.



  1. this is just the tip of the iceberg. waste is being dumped 24 /7 all over Guyana. it would be a great idea to get wardens to catch them in the act , charge them and take them to court for destroying our environment. we’ve had so many false starts in this regard that we should consider getting tourists to laison with these wardens to get the desired results.

  2. that so called popular newsmedia have its spies all over guyana..they are called rent a crowd…what is so amazing is that these were two tourists as the so called popular media claimed…these two toursits took great care to hide then to take photos then to go directly to de Wata -Falls news media…these two tourists could not find SN or Chronicle or GuyTimes..These two tourists only know their way to KN..anyhow is good that the dumpers were caught..


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