Man knocked down on Pedestrian crossing by speeding minibus


By Ramona Luthi

A father of one is now warded at the Georgetown Public Hospital for trauma to the head and internal bleeding after a minibus slammed into him as he was crossing on the Pedestrian sign on Eccles Public Road, East Bank Demerara.

Reports indicate that at approximately 18:30hrs, Hafeez Sattaur, 33 of Eccles Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara was struck by the speeding minibus, BPP 8292, and “pitched a few feet away.”

At the accident scene this afternoon
At the accident scene this afternoon

A traffic cop who was on duty at the time, quickly assisted the injured man into the vehicle that struck him down. He was then rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre.

Sattaur, who was still conscious at the hospital, disclosed to this online publication that he was crossing the road to approach the traffic officer on duty, when he was knocked down by the minibus. He could not recall much of what transpired after.

However, the traffic officer was heard telling the family members that he ‘was calling the traffic’ which was travelling from Georgetown and Sattaur chose to cross the road.

“I was calling the traffic, and it was moving fast. The traffic wasn’t heavy but the vehicles were moving fast, and I see the man walking over,” the officer said.

Sattaur was subsequently transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital since, according to doctors at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre, the facility was not equipped to treat the injured man.


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