Man found dead with wound to head at Victoria

The building where the body was found
The building where the body was found

The body of a 42-year-old man was discovered on Monday in an abandoned building, which was once a school at Victoria, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

The dead man has been identified as Woodrow John Lepps, who had no fixed place of abode.

It was reported that when the man was found, he had a gapping wound to his head.

His family told police that Lepps usually does odd jobs for persons in the community. He was last seen alive by his foster sister Rita Lepps, after he visited her Belfield, ECD home on Sunday morning.

The woman said her brother came to collect his breakfast as he usually would, and left.

However, on Monday she received information that her brother was dead and he was lying in the abandoned building.

Upon her arrival at the scene, she found her brother’s motionless body with a wound to his head and blood stains on the walls.

The body was photographed and scene processed, and it was later escorted to the CC Nicholson Hospital that is located at Nabaclis ECD, where he was pronounced.

The body was then escorted to Lyken funeral parlour awaiting PME. Several persons were questioned and checks made for CCTV but none was seen. A probe has been launched.