Make-up artist opens beauty parlour on Hadfield St


Make-up artist and now proprietor, Janica Sandy, today opened doors to her spa and massage parlour – Ultimate Image Inc., which is located on Hadfield Street, Georgetown.

Today’s opening commemorated the one-year anniversary of the launch of Sandy’s natural beauty line.

According to the make-up artist, it has always been her passion to develop natural products not just for herself but for the public as well. Hence, after returning to Guyana in 2019, Sandy ventured into creating her own line of natural and organic cosmetic products.

These were introduced last year and now with her own parlour that specializes in wellness and beauty, Sandy has also expanded her line of products.

“Last year, I brought out my cosmetic line, which are natural products… I’ve been receiving amazing results from persons throughout Guyana and abroad of our natural products. So we extended our line with 25 different products,” she stated.

Sandy further explained that all of her products are organic and natural-based, and also much healthier to use since there are no artificial additives or pigments. Her products vary from a wide variety of soaps, lotions and scrubs, and cosmetics.

In addition, Ultimate Image Inc. also offers cosmetics from tops brands.

Meanwhile, the spa and massage parlour caters for everyone – men, women and children. The businesswoman noted that they not only offer full-body massages but specialised messages for specific body parts.

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many persons to be home and less active than they used to be, Sandy outlined the importance of have good blood circulation and encourage persons to check out the services and products being offered by Ultimate Image Inc.

According to Sandy, as her business continues to grow, she plans to expand not only in Guyana but beyond.