M.B Sandaka to commence operations on Thursday between Guyana & Suriname

M.B. Sandaka
M.B. Sandaka

Following the suspension of services offered by the MV Canawaima Ferry, which plies the Suriname-Guyana route, due to technical issues, the Management of the Guyana-Suriname Ferry Service has announced that the MB Sandaka will be in operation from Thursday until further notice.

In a release, the Public Infrastructure Ministry stated that M.B Sandaka will depart Moleson Creek Terminal at 9:00h for Suriname and will depart South Drain- Suriname at 11:30h.

Check for both services will take place at least two hours before departure time.

However, the Ministry stated that the M.B. Sandaka cannot accommodate 20-foot and 40-foot containers and trucks with height and width in excess of 3 meters and 2.7 meters respectively.

Management apologizes for the inconvenience.

The MV Canawaima was grounded in May to facilitate the necessary rehabilitation works. However, at the time of that announcement, no alternative systems were put in place, leaving hundreds of passengers stranded in both countries.