Luncheon admitted to City Hospital

Dr. Roger Luncheon.



HPS, Cabinet Secretary: Dr. Roger Luncheon
HPS, Cabinet Secretary: Dr. Roger Luncheon

[] – Head of the Presidential Secretariat and Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon was moments ago rushed to a city hospital, after he complained of feeling unwell at the Office of the President.

Dr Luncheon had announced that he is suffering from Cancer and has been hospitalized several times before.

Liaison Officer to the Office of the President, Kwame McCoy told iNews that “I am not aware that Dr Luncheon collapsed. I know that he was taken to the Caribbean Heart Institute, after feeling unwell.” [Fareeza Haniff]




  1. dr luncheon , I am praying for you and trust the Lord the you’ll overcome this illness. God wants above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers. may I advise you to take some rest and use as many of the superfoods available around us as possible . God bless, and a speedy recovery.

  2. Get well soon Big Guy.
    A silent prayer for you Sir.
    Dear Lord as your child please help our brother in this time of need. Dear Father please restore our brother to perfect health so that he can carry on with his task(s) as you mandated for him on this earth.
    Through your Son, and in the name of Jesus we pray.

  3. Get well soon…there is lots to be done so that pnc they power hungry gluts can disappear…US always backing the dead horse PNC…when will US be fair to the majority Guyanese? US wants more raw materials so their intent is to install PNC to power again…US give a pnc member 5 US cents and thats big money to them so US can take what it want..


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