LGE Debate: “Amna Ally is barking up the wrong tree” – Rohee

PPP/C's General Secretary Clement Rohee

By Tracey Khan – Drakes

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee.
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) is standing by its Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Commissioners who recently issued a statement expressing concern over the Commission’s readiness to hold local government elections, according to the Party’s General Secretary, Clement Rohee.

Rohee maintains that GECOM has not done enough work in preparing for the elections despite a statement from GECOM last evening (July, 14), which reiterated its readiness; providing it is given all that is required by the constitution.

Rohee told iNews, “It’s ok for the commission to issue a statement about their level of readiness; I don’t think there ought to be any confusion, why should we be at one with GECOM at every stage of the process? It’s not necessary, we have our own views about the state of readiness.”

When asked if the Party trust GECOM, he responded: “It’s not a question of trust, it’s a question of what we understand is happening on the ground if we were to trust GECOM blindly or slavishly then we would not be doing our work as a political party, we have to do our work, we have to satisfy ourselves.”

He made it unequivocal that there will be no local government elections until the PPP has a level of “satisfaction” and until the “Commission’s accuracy is tested with the voters list by conducting house to house verification.”

Meanwhile, Rohee, in responding to A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Chief Whip, Amna Ally, said she is being misled by her Commissioner’s about GECOM’s readiness.

“She is barking up the wrong tree, she is obviously living in a world that doesn’t exist,” Rohee said.

Opposition Chief Whip, Amna Ally.
Opposition Chief Whip, Amna Ally.

Ally had lashed out at the Party for sidestepping announcements by GECOM, signaling its readiness to hold the Elections.

He deemed her comments regarding the Party’s readiness as a “bunch of foolishness”. When asked why he would disqualify the Opposition’s Commissioners confidence in GECOM to host the elections, Rohee said: “that’s their business, not mine. |We don’t run elections on the basis of APNU’s readiness or GECOM’s readiness.  We contest elections based on our readiness.”

Rohee responded in the negative when he was asked if the Party’s position is unfair to all other stakeholders in society.

“Unfair to who? We can only be fair to ourselves. I have to look under the PPP aspect, it’s my Party that will either win or lose, not the diplomatic community, not GECOM and I don’t know about the APNU, it’s my Party that will win or lose and I have to make sure together with the other leaders and members of the PPP that we have a level of satisfaction.”



  1. something is up in GECOM::for the past 20 years PNC was never ready for LGE::All of a sudden US Ambassador start hollering about LGE LGE LGE the PNC then echoing and hollering and bawling LGE LGE LGE:: Hammie Green waswouldbe King ruler in waiting papa Forbes death but again something when wrong in PNC and Hoyte knocked him out::Hammie then was voted to power so they say to be Mayor..Mayor for life coz Hammie was crying he didnt get to rule Guyana so Hammie in his warped mind thing Georgetow is his country to rule for life:: Notice how Hammie the once would be King ruler and his boizz are absent in this LGE LGE LGE thing? From the time those PNC people start “Praying” at the office and home of that other GECOM guy to get him out of GECOM the US Ambassador was smiling the PNC was smiling when they installed their own:: Something inside GECOM gone right in favor of PNC to be hollering bawling crying for LGE LGE LGE:::


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