Letter: Uncertainty about BV / Triumph road reconstruction should be addressed


Dear Editor ,

image001In the BV/Triumph area, Surat Drive Road running southward from the East Coast Public road  is being reconstructed as it is in a deplorable state. The contract was awarded to Shereaz Bacchus General Contractors (SBGC). The issue is that the contractor says he signed a contract that only covers for part of this road specifically south from the Railway Line to Market Street.

The  remaining block from Market Street to Ramjohn Street and an additional 600 feet to meet the last house is not included. As a result, 60 households with over 30 vehicles and an active Temple will be affected.

I enquired via phone call to the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) on November 24, at 08:59 hours pertaining to the construction of Surat Drive road where the secretary (Michelle) confirmed that the road is to be constructed up to the last house in the street which extends about 600 feet past Ramjohn Street. I also requested a call from the Chairman (Brother Osama) as I was informed he is not in and will return a call to me later in the day.

To date I have not received a call from the Chairman. I went ahead and called again only to find out the same from Michelle that ‘the road is to be constructed to the last house.’

I still requested that the chairman return a call and provided my number once more. I then spoke with the workers of SBGC where they maintained that they are only responsible for building up to Market Street. Under any other contract prior to now this last part of the street has never been disregarded.

At this point it is not too late to change the contract to facilitate the rest of the street. I am pleading with the necessary authorities to look into this situation and have it corrected.

Most of the residents are of Indo Guyanese descent and I am forced to conclude that they are being discriminated against.

I am utterly disappointed at the misconduct of the BV / Triumph NDC when it comes to the manner in which works are being conducted.

Christopher Singh
International Services Engineer



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