Letter: Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon should at least clear the air!

Joseph Harmon

Dear Editor,

Guyana has been inundated by floodwaters ever since the May-June rains began, and we are in a national disaster. In some cases, whole communities are under water with loss of crops and livestock with the attendant loss of livelihood, we are certainly in a disaster zone never before witnessed in this country. The Government for its own part is working overtime going out into those communities that are most affected, offering assistance by way of drainage as well as distributing food hampers and sanitary supplies. It is a mammoth task set before us and as such we are calling on every citizen, organisation, corporate affiliations, religious bodies to come play their part.

Now, one would have thought that the astute PNC Opposition would come on board to help the suffering Guyanese people, but, up until this time we have not seen nor heard, of any effort worthy of note, coming from the Opposition. I am talking about an Opposition party who once sat in the seat of Government of this country and one who “blazed” a good life trail far and wide. We are calling on them to step up to the plate, come on board and help us!

We have grown highly suspicious of that good life “story” these past 5 years 5 months and would not like a repeat of it, so in light of the foregoing it would be refreshing that the Opposition authorities come forward and provide us with some positives. I am also a curious bystander who is worried sick at the Opposition’s stance on this disaster relief effort, because they are not coming forward as caring and responsible individuals with anything honest and tangible, what is there in the public domain is only scandals that are most damaging to the party’s reputation and to the nation as a whole.

It is alleged that the party’s hierarchy have collected some cash donations from corporate citizens, that should be handed out to flood victims.

Further, there is widespread circulation of a matter involving a prominent Opposition person in Region 10, who has stockpiled the relief items and is at the present moment selling those items to the public. This is a reprehensible act under any circumstance and should be addressed urgently by the Leader of the Opposition. I would like Mr Harmon to shed some light on these damning allegations made out against his party affiliates. Certainly, if he wants to have any credible place in the eyes of the public, then Mr Harmon should at least come forward and say something to clear up any misconceptions that may exist in our minds.

We would like a public explanation or maybe an apology of some sorts, to clear the air. Because in the final analysis we would like to know that we can at least have a viable alternative to the PPP/C, or are we flogging a dead, disgraced horse?

Neil Adams