Letter: ‘Crab in a barrel mentality’ now applicable to AFC


Dear Editor,

I find it very disheartening that Mr Khemraj Ramjattan, Leader of the Alliance for Change, who has condemned a third term for Opposition Leader Barrat Jagdeo now sees it fit and justifiable that a third term for himself is a non- issue.

I was part of the National Executive Committee from the years 2006 to 2011 when the AFC’s constitution had the rotation principle for the leadership; however, that was amended paving a way for other leaders to contest for the leadership, making the AFC more democratic so the current AFC constitution provides that anyone can contest the leadership once they are one-year financial members, but nothing is stated about any third term with it being understood that the limit is two terms.

The Leader of the Alliance For Change, Khemraj Ramjattan refused to do the honourable thing by not running for any third term. I find that to be very dishonest, because in the past, before the constitution was amended from the rotation principle, it provided for two terms; however, I now see a misuse of conscience and so at our National Conference, Region Five delegates will not support the unprincipled Khemraj Ramjattan for any third term. No way.

This very Leader always stated that what made the AFC different was that we don’t have “crab in the barrel mentality”, but now I see a third term will only bring disunity and confusion within the AFC because anyone can be elected for a third term and continue to become dictator for life and that would be constitutionally correct, according to Mr Ramjattan.

Yours truly,

Pradeep Bachan
Region 5 AFC Activist


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