Letter: “Alcoholism”, “violence”, “ignorance” not confined to Hindus


Dear Editor,

I join my voice with Dr Vindhya Persaud’s, President of Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha in strongly condemning Mr Malcolm Harripaul’s letter of March 23, 2022, titled “Hindu wedding house violence and ignorance”.

This is not the first time Mr Harripaul has shown his disdain for the Hindu community. On March 22, 2000, exactly 22 years ago, he had published a letter of a similar nature. This letter has shown his contempt for Hindus has grown. It contains most unsavoury and unfounded materials which no thoughtful media house would publish especially in our multi-religious community.

I am not in any way trying to defend Hindus consuming alcohol, or condoning its consumption by anyone. But I see Mr Harripaul’s letter as more of an attempt to show the superiority of his religion (Christianity) over Hinduism by picking on the “wedding house” behaviour of some Hindus. (Hindus make up just 28 per cent of the population). I will not allow myself to be dragged to the level of Mr Harripaul by making derogatory statements about any religion. “He who is without sin, cast the first stone.”

Let me inform Mr Harripaul that “alcoholism”, “violence” and “ignorance” are not confined to his Hindu neighbours or village alone, but can be found in peoples of all religions, races, and creeds of all countries. Just check the prison population. Alcoholism, violence and ignorance are not virtues of Hinduism. Be assured Guyana and the world are very safe with the Hindus. For instance, Hindus have never attempted to steal an election, or unleash violence on anyone.

In closing, I recall reading in the Bible, Jesus converting water into wine at a wedding house.

Yours truly,
Pt Ramdial Balbadar
President, Pandits’
Sabha, Reg 3