Letitia Wright addresses MPs: ‘I encourage peace & love’

Letitia Wright addressing parliamentarians on Monday

As she continues to tour the country following her Friday night return to her homeland, Black Panther star Letitia Wright today addressed Members of Parliament (MPs) at the National Assembly where she encouraged them to foster peace and love.

“It wasn’t expected of me to speak today. I just wanted to visit the different sectors, to know the ways in which I can use my platform for good and encouragement, especially for the young people of Guyana because I am the daughter of the soil of Guyana,” Wright told the parliamentarians.

“So, my return means a lot to me.”

Wright, who migrated to the United Kingdom when she was 8, recalled that she has not been “home” for about 20 years.

Nevertheless, the actress said she cares passionately about advancing the lives of children and she encouraged the Guyanese lawmakers to always strive to foster an environment of peace and love.

“I don’t know the ins and outs of politics…I care more about children and the betterment of young people, that’s kind of where ministry is, but as you all come together to make decisions for the country, I encourage you both, on both sides, both parties, I encourage peace, I encourage love.”

Prime Minister Mark Phillips welcomed the Guyanese-born celebrity home and encouraged her to make the most of her time in the country.

Opposition Parliamentarian Cathy Hughes also addressed the actress, noting that the impact of her movies “really brought a lot of self-esteem and worth to many, many young people who very rarely saw dark-skinned supermodels (heroes).

“The encouragement you’ve given to all the young people, we thank you for that … we’re so proud that you come from us, and we’re always here to support you,” Hughes expressed.

Deputy Speaker Lenox Shuman also remarked that Wright has been a “fantastic” role model and reminded that her success represents “hope” to many young people who come from similar circumstances.