Labour Day: Workers’ contributions have been bedrock of struggles for betterment – PPP



Traditionally, Labour Day, or May Day as it’s referred to, allows for our nation’s workers to rally in solidarity to celebrate their invaluable contributions to national development and to use the occasion to voice challenges that are confronting them, as well as rally collectively to address solutions to the same.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, those customary marches and rallies will be absent this year. This is yet another example of the impact the pandemic continues to have on lives all across the world. However, through technology, mechanisms will allow leaders of Trade Unions to address workers on related issues and for their voices to be heard.

Our workers are our country’s most valuable asset and as another Labour Day is upon us, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) takes this opportunity to extend best wishes to all of them throughout our dear land. Our Party is cognizant of how they have been impacted by the pandemic and continues to implement measures, including the COVID-cash grant, to mitigate these impacts.

Having returned to government, nine months ago, the PPP/C Government continues to work assiduously to ensure that our workers are a priority and that their lives and conditions continue to be improved. This recognition is evident by the emphasis and value placed on their welfare by the immediate re-establishment of the Ministry of Labour upon taking office in August 2020. The PPP firmly believes that mechanisms to engage and represent our workers must not be diluted and that they must be able to access related services in a structured and holistic manner as is necessary through a Ministry.

While our Party is aware that there is more to be done, it continues to advance a multifaceted approach to ensure the advancement of our workers. Very early within this current tenure of government, burdensome taxes and fees were removed and the education cash grant was restored. To date, thousands of jobs have been created and restored to allow our workers a dignified opportunity to provide for their families.

Further, access to thousands of scholarships to aid in capacity building and the implementation of various programmes and policies to improve the social and physical infrastructure, are just part of the PPP/C Government’s thrust to better the lives of all of our workers.

Our workers’ contributions have been the bedrock of the struggles for betterment for all and the development of our nation could not have been realized without them.

The PPP salutes our workers, their resoluteness and innovativeness in advancing our country and encourages them to remain safe during the pandemic. Best wishes to them on their day.