La Penitence man wanted for ‘Fishie’s murder


Police have issued a wanted bulletin for the suspect in connection to the murder of 33-year-old mason Rodwell Phillips, called ‘Fishie’ of Broad Street, Charlestown.

Philips was found dead on Monday’s morning along the La Penitence Public Road, Georgetown. A cutlass was found next to the body.


According to Police, the incident occurred sometime between 00:30 to 01:00 hrs this morning. Police said that the scene was processed by investigators where Philips’ body was examined and one chop wound was seen to the center of his chest, one chop wound to his right-side face, one chop wound to his left side back, and one chop wound to his left foot.

Several persons were questioned in the area. CCTV footage to be viewed by police.

The body was pronounced dead by a doctor from EMT Central Fire Station and escorted to the Memorial Gardens Funeral Home awaiting PME. Investigations are in progress.

Dead: Rodwell Philips

At the home of the dead man, his brother Christopher Prudent said that he was at work when he received a telephone call from his sister who related that his brother was dead. “I was at work and couldn’t leave so, they told me that he was chopped about his body,” the brother added.

He added that after he came off from work on Monday morning, he went to the Funeral Home with the expectation of seeing his brother’s body but the facility was closed when he arrived. His mother and other relatives, he related, went back later in the day.

the brother stated that according to reports he received, there were several eyewitnesses to the crime. In fact, the Police related that they had questioned several persons and are yet to review the CCTV footage. “There were lots of eyewitnesses. I was told and the Police were also at the scene sorting out issues.”

He could not say if the man suspect was arrested.

However, the aggrieved brother added that his brother and someone were involved in a heated argument sometime back and this might have led to a scuffle. As such, the brother believes that Phillips’s death is connected to the old grievance.