Jumbo Jet signs US$40M contract as sole distributor of trucks from Sinotruk in China

L-R Manager Sadeek Mohamed, Asst Irshad Mohamad, Nasrudeen Juniour Mohamed, Rose Mohamed, Nasrudeen Mohamed (Jumbo) General Manager America Division Naijie Tao & Sohan Bridjlall

Sinotruk Inc., the largest Chinese truck supplier, is now able to provide over 500 brand new trucks to the local economy after partnering with one of Guyana’s largest importer of agricultural machinery and trucks, Jumbo Jet Auto Sales.

The agreement was signed on Tuesday between Nasrudeen Mohamed, founder of Jumbo Jet and Taonaijie, who is General Manager of the Caribbean Sinotruk International.

The US$40M contract will see over 500 brand new trucks coming from China to Guyana in the next few years, with Jumbo Jet Auto Sales being the sole distributor.

A statement from Jumbo Jet explained that there will be all types of trucks available for sale to meet any demand. Some options include, but not limited to, dump trucks, tractor unit/hauler, flat bed, all wheel drive, 8X4, 6X6, 6X4 and much more. The purchase of spare parts will also be available.

Nasrudeen Junior Mohamed, speaking at the signing ceremony, said the demand for better quality trucks is growing in Guyana due to the rapid workload increase.

“A study was done by Jumbo Jet Auto Sales which revealed the depreciation of the trucks to last only one to five years where as the brand-new trucks will be able to work efficiently for ten years,” a statement from the company explained.

Jumbo Jet Auto Sales says it offers a lucrative credit system to each customer, providing the option to pay for items on an instalment basis regardless of the quantity purchased.

Jumbo Jet Auto Sales also said it will create more job opportunities across the Georgetown with the creation of new showrooms.

“In the near future, you can expect an assembling factory to be established in Guyana, which in term will lower the cost and create more jobs in various expertise,” the company explained.