Joint Services operation leads to gun, ammo find on Pomeroon River vessel

The vessel that was intercepted

A Joint Services exercise on Friday around 15:15h by ranks of the Police, the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) and the Coast Guard led to the interception of a cargo vessel that was found with an unlicenced 12 gauge shotgun and 67 matching cartridges concealed in the bow of the boat.

The unlicenced 12 gauge shotgun

Operating at a Floating Base located at the Pomeroon River mouth, the team commanded by an Assistant Superintendent of Police, stopped and searched the cargo vessel.

The shotgun cartridges

The Captain, 28, of Jacklow, Pomeroon, and the 32-year-old bowman also of Jacklow, Pomeroon, who reportedly admitted ownership, are in custody pending charges.


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