Jamaica PM announces additional restrictions – citizens over 75 years to stay at home

Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness

(Jamaica Observer) The Government has introduced additional restrictive safety measures for the country, as the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases jumped by two, and with the onset of community spread.

As of Wednesday (March 25) citizens aged 75 and over are prohibited from leaving their homes for 14 days, subject to exemptions. These exceptions, the prime minister said will be fully explained when the measure is drafted.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness made the announcement a short while ago at a press conference at Jamaica House.

Additionally, public sector workers aged 65 and older are to work from home as of Wednesday (March 25). The work at home order for the public sector remains in place for another 14 days.

Furthermore, every person who enters Jamaica as of March 18 must self-quarantine for a further 14 days after the initial seven days expires. Holness stressed that people have still been entering the island and refusing to follow quarantine rules.

Also as of March 25 under law, gatherings in any public place must not exceed 10 people.

This is down from the 20 stipulated in the previous order issued by the prime minister under the Disaster Risk Manage-ment Act of 2015.

“As we move into the community spread phase the numbers are being cut. We are still doing this balancing act of keeping the country going and keeping economic activity. If you don’t address the epidemic then your economy goes,”  Holness stated.