“It’s time to go forward, not backwards” – PPP


[www.inewsguyana.com] – The ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP) says it has agreed with leader of the Opposition, David Granger that “it is time”. A statement from the Party noted that “it is time for him to step out of the 1980’s and the failed politics and policies of APNU- the repackaged PNC.”

According to the PPP, “It is time for him to stop holding Guyana back for his own political gain. The PPP/C wishes to remind that instead of putting aside his own personal ambition and rolling up his sleeves to work for a better Guyana, he has virtually starved the government, he has created an environment where drug dealers and career criminals believe they can operate with impunity and has stopped legislation that would have allowed for greater economic prosperity in the country including the Anti Money Laundering Bill.”

The PPP is of the view that Granger’s goal is to take the country back to the 80’s; “a period that many of us remember as the darkest period in our nation’s history. The PPP/C has spent decades removing that stain from our nation’s past and his remarks are nothing more than his attempt to bring that stain and that darkness back to our people and our nation. We must not let that stain return. We must not let that darkness return. We must move the clock forward and not rewind it to the time when Guyana was at the bottom of every measure of human decency.”

Opposition Leader, David Granger. [iNews’ Photo]
The PPP’s statement noted that Granger is part of a political Party that engaged in extravagance through which many officials illegally enriched themselves.

“It is time for us to not go backwards but it is time for us to go forward,” the PPP says.