Investigation launched into mysterious death of Anarika miner who was shot


A 19-year-old Miner was on Monday evening shot and killed while in the vicinity of 17 Miles, Rockstone Village, Essequibo River.

Dead is Joel Ahmad, of  Anarika, Essequibo River.

According to police information, the teen met his demise at about 19:20h.

INews understands that Ahmad left home in the morning to visit the mother of his child who resides at 17 Miles, Rockstone  Village, Essequibo River and spent the entire day there.

At about 19:00h, the miner reportedly informed the 28-year-old woman that he was going hunting and would be back for dinner later.

However, according to the woman, shortly after he left the house, she heard a loud explosion, which she suspected to be the sound of a gunshot. She said she heard Ahmad shouting for her in pain.

The woman alleged that she immediately grabbed a torch light and rushed down the trail she had seen the now deceased miner heading, and it was there that she found him lying motionless with blood on his chest and froth oozing from his mouth.

This online publication was told that the woman quickly ran to the village ambulance attendant, who resides about half a mile from her home.

Ahmad’s body was then rushed to the Linden Hospital Complex and he was pronounced dead on arrival.

According to Police, the miner’s body was examined and revealed a single gaping gunshot wound on his right side chest.

Further investigations revealed that the Village Toshao was interrogated by investigators and he confessed that he was aware of the shooting incident, claiming that one of his Councillors informed him that Ahmad had shot himself.

The Toshao told investigators that he went to the scene where the miner was shot and observed five suspected live shotgun cartridges and took photos of same. He further related that he then left, leaving the cartridges until the police arrived.

However, when police inspected the area, the cartridges, nor firearm were there.

Investigations are ongoing.


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