Interim Board established for Go – Invest with unlimited members


By Fareeza Haniff

Minister of Business and Investment, Dominic Gaskin.
Minister of Business and Investment, Dominic Gaskin.

[] – Cabinet has approved the establishment of an interim Board of Directors for the Guyana Office for Investment (Go-Invest), with the Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin, having the authority to recommend as many members on the Board as he sees fit.

The life of the Board came to an end in 2014 and according to Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, the interim Board of Directors will be in operation for some six months and will include representatives from the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), Lands and Surveys Commission, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Private Sector, Diaspora, the Opposition and the Ministries of Tourism and Business.

Harmon clarified that there is no limit to the number of persons who can sit on the Board, pointing out that while Minister Gaskin can make specific recommendations, it will be up to Cabinet to approve the Board members.

“There is no particular limit. The membership of the Board represents the membership needed to ensure that policy and guidance is given to the actual operation of the entity so there’s no major limitation on it but what we try to do is to make sure that the Boards are structured to ensure that they can give the guidance which the entity needs,” the Minister explained.

Go – Invest was established under the Public Corporations Act in 1994 as a semi-autonomous body and comes under the direct purview of the Office of the President. The Chief Executive Officer, Keith Burrowes recently resigned, shortly after the APNU+AFC took office.



  1. I would like to suggest that, as part of long-term re-organization to enhance effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery, Go-Invest becomes a department within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, since part of Carl Greenidge’s focus will be on a foreign policy that seeks to attract investors and enhance trade relations.
    it is not necessary for Go-Invest to be given company status with management board if it is not a direct revenue earner. To that point, how much money has Go-Invest brought into the treasury? See why it is more of an advisory or informational body?

  2. I cant agree with this position. These boards are statutory and must have define numbers, IT cant be a call by the minister.
    They need to say it is 20 or 200 but there has to be a number.


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