Integrated Security Service guards protest Region 5 RDC for outstanding salaries


Angry guards attached to Integrated Security Service today protested in front of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) at Fort Wellington In Region five (5) demanding their outstanding January and February salaries be paid.

Members of security firm protest the non payment of their salaries

Embattled AFC executive member Abel Seetaram met with the protestors and vowed to address the issue when the RDC meets on Thursday. Seetaram said the company received a $4M advance to pay the workers since December.

Some of the guards claim that they are still owed part of their December salaries as well as January and February.

Meanwhile, Region 5 Chairman Vickchand Ramphal expressed concern over the situation noting some of the difficulties that the guards are forced to endure.

Ramphal also noted, what he described as, the uncaring way the Regional Executive Officer (REO) Ovid Morrison treated the issue by reportedly chasing some of the affected guards out of the RDC boardroom. The guards had gone there to speak with the Regional Chairman.

Moreover, Ramphal noted that as the guards protested outside of the RDC compound Morrison reportedly ordered those who were utilising the security company’s office which is situated inside the RDC compound to leave.

Up to Wednesday morning the Integrated Security Service had been utilising a section of a building in the RDC compound as its local office.


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