Injured nurse demands justice after head-on collision at Diamond

The accident scene

A 29-year-old nurse of Diamond, East Bank Demerara (EBD) continues to push for justice three days after the car she was driving was hit head-on by a speeding driver.

Since the accident, Shellean Hope said she has not received any information from the police about the investigation into the matter. When her husband contacted the perpetrator, they reportedly displayed no sense of remorse or concern.

According to the victim, on Saturday at around 9:10hrs, she was proceeding at a moderate speed along the Diamond Housing Scheme Access Road when a speeding car from the opposite direction overtook another vehicle, and collided head-on with her car.

Hope, in an interview with this publication, said she is still in shock and is suffering from unbearable pain. “I can’t believe someone can just run into your vehicle and treat it so lightly, imagine if my children were in the car, they could’ve lost their lives,” the victim said.

She currently suffers from a broken wrist of her left hand and has no fixed period of recovery. The victim received surgery and is currently unable to take care of herself or her children.

She, however, related that she is grateful for her husband who is her main caregiver at the moment and is still managing to juggle his work obligations while taking care of the family.