“If we don’t deliver in five years, kick us out” ­– Cathy Hughes


By Jomo Paul

Women rally 2[www.inewsguyana.com] – Should the APNU/AFC coalition fail to deliver on its promises to the Guyanese electorate, it should be voted out of office come the next General and Regional Elections after May 11, 2015.

These were the sentiments of AFC Executive Member, Catherine Hughes as she addressed a swarm of women that turned out to the first ever APNU+AFC women’s rally for the election campaigning season at Merriman’s Mall Bourda, Georgetown.

Hughes, who was one of the key speakers for the event, was adamant that the APNU+AFC coalition deserves a chance to reform Guyana and that change can only be manifested through the vote on elections day.

But Hughes was pellucid that “if we don’t deliver in five years, kick us out.”

One of the plans that she was referring to was the reformation of the Board of the University of Guyana which she pitched as being one of the main aspects of the reform of Guyana’s education sector; something which the political opposition has been very vocal about in its quest to be elected to government.

Meanwhile, Sita Nagamootoo – the wife of APNU+AFC Prime Ministerial Candidate Moses Nagamootoo, said she is certain that her husband worked tirelessly to achieve the dreams of the Guyanese people.

Sandra Granger (center) and Sita Nagamootoo (right)
Sandra Granger (center) and Sita Nagamootoo (right)

“After 22 years under the PPP/C, our children are still hungry at lunch time…I am convinced that our new government will lift the quality of education for our children and teachers will have better salaries,” said Mrs Nagamootoo.

She went on to say that Guyanese can no longer stretch their dollar and called on those gathered to join the unity train that is set to liberate them.

“Women of Guyana let us join the unity train and help to bring about a change in our lives and that of our children…..You have to ride on this unity train so that our children and grand children can enjoy unity and freedom long after we are gone,” she emphasized.

Sandra Granger, the wife of Presidential Candidate David Granger for her part pointed out that in the tenth parliament, all of Guyana suffered from domestic violence.

Likening the manifestations to the situation that characterizes an abusive relationship, Mrs Granger said “make no mistake; Guyana is in crisis…we have been victims of domestic violence…we have suffered from the wrath of an organization who feel threatened when voices are raised at it.”

She said that the PPP/C administration grossly underestimate the intelligence of the average Guyanese citizen, pointing out that the government does not care.

“We have been the victims of domestic violence from an administration that cares nothing about us,” she lamented.




  1. for sure pnc will rob the treasury to increase their pay —police—-army—-and those who work in PPP Government run institutes—-bet your life she will be kicked out of her panties if she dares to make any other promises…all of you know why pnc make such a promise to police army and public servants because 95% of them vote PNC..dont trust them and their false promise…afc ramjatahahaha promised to cut the berbice –jagdeo bridge–in four and fling om in the river..but hey the berbice–jagdeo–bridge still there and you know what?? all dem PNCites loves using the bridge…the jagdeo bridge…why they dont use the ferry?? talk about afc onc promise eh

  2. We know the PNC can’t ever perform… show us the facts that PNC delivered when they run this country down to poverty, when crime was at it worst, when housing was a cardboard box, when security was wondering when the next time you will get robbed. The PNC will leave Guyana in ruins and debts… We can’t take our future and gamble with it on a bunch of idiots (Granger, Moses, Khemraj, Hughes, Greenidge etc), they kill their own to secure power (Courtney Crum-Ewing)… #saynotoAPNUAFC #hellnotopnc #Yestoprogress

  3. Finally, real women are talking, and telling us how a APNU+AFC party in government, will change Guyanese women’s lives. Go Sandra, Sita and Kathy.

  4. All apnu/AFC want is power they never apologise for past misdeeds they instead justify or deny everything how can they be trusted

  5. Cathy Hughes is a dreamer.
    PNC will not take kick out.
    You may very well be leaving voluntarily or otherwise.
    Remember you do not have majority rights or majority say.
    The Guyanese people underestimate the lies.


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