“I personally rescinded Mr. Tiwarie’s appointment” – President Granger


In light of the public uproar regarding the appointment of Brian Tiwarie (BK) as Business Development Adviser, Head of State David Granger today declared that the Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin, is ‘very competent’ and therefore the Administration does not need the businessman to serve in that capacity.

President David Granger
President David Granger

During a recording of the weekly Public Interest TV show, President Granger explained that Tiwarie’s appointment was not a “government appointment” as he sought to expand on his decision to rescind the appointment of the contractor.

 “Mr Tiwarie is not an appointee of the government and he is not performing any function, and that is why the position was rescinded. He is not required to perform any function. We have a Minister of Business, and as far as I am concerned, that Minister is quite capable and quite competent,” President Granger stated.

He posited that he personally rescinded Tiwarie’s appointment as he further explained that the Business Minister has never requested any assistance in dealing with Government’s business agenda.

“I personally rescinded Mr. Tiwarie’s appointment”, the President said.

“We don’t have any ongoing relationship with Mr. Tiwarie and that is all I can say”, Mr. Granger explained during the interview.

Tiwarie’s appointment was made by State Minister, Joe Harmon sometime in January this year.

Businessman Brian Tiwarie
Businessman Brian Tiwarie

However, the President and the rest of the Cabinet had been unaware of this appointment until it was revealed in the media earlier this week.  A few days after the appointment had been publicised the Ministry of the Presidency announced that it had been rescinded.

INews understands that Minister Harmon has since returned from China and is expected to soon meet with the President with regards to this issue.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to defend his decision Harmon told a section of the media that the appointment by him (Harmon) was “honourific”.

It should be noted that Minister Harmon was accompanied by Tiwarie on the official trip to China.


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