Husband, hitman further remanded for Babita Sarjou’s brutal murder


Sharadananda Narine, called Anand, and his accomplice, Darel Pronton, called “Yankee”, both reappeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts for the murder of Narine’s reputed wife, Babita Sarjou.
Both men were further remanded until July 11 when the case was called on Tuesday. The men are represented by Attorney-at-Law Peter Hugh.

Husband of Babita Sarjou, Sharadananda Narine (L) and the alleged hitman, Darel Pronton
Husband of Babita Sarjou, Sharadananda Narine (L) and the alleged hitman, Darel Pronton

After disappearing without a trace on November 4, 2010, Babita Sarjou was found dead. Her skeletal remains were unearthed by detectives in a shallow grave in her reputed husband’s backyard last month.

The gruesome discovery, played out before several shocked neighbours, brought an end to years of agony for Sarjou’s family, who had been wondering about her fate since she vanished.
In reportedly confessing to the crime, Narine stated that he was furious because he suspected that Sarjou was having an affair with a man at her workplace. He was also angry that she had taken him to court on allegations that he had posted online nude pictures of her.
It is alleged that he hired the unemployed Pronton, whom he had befriended, to kill Sarjou. Pronton was allegedly paid $50,000 and promised a trip to Trinidad. The trip to Trinidad never materialised.
It is alleged that on Diwali night, November 4, 2010, Sarjou left her mother’s home at Timehri, East Coast Demerara, after making arrangements to meet Narine, who would take her to see the motorcade at the Kitty seawall. She was also expected to meet her four-year-old son.
Unbeknownst to Sarjou, Narine and Pronton had already dug her grave in Narine’s Seaforth Street, Campbellville backyard, two days before.
Sarjou reportedly met her husband outside the National Cultural Centre and entered his car. Pronton, who was allegedly sitting in the back seat, then reportedly strangled Sarjou.
With the body covered with a blanket, the two men reportedly then drove to Narine’s residence. Narine reportedly reversed into the yard, and the men concealed the body in a section of the bottom house, and Pronton remained with the corpse. Around midnight, the two men then took the body to the backyard and threw it over a zinc fence and into the three-foot grave. It remained there for close to six years.




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