Horrifying details emerge as mom who used teen daughters as ‘sex slaves’ remains in custody


Horrifying details are emerging as the mother of the two teenage sisters, who escaped the confines of their East Coast Demerara (ECD) home after men had allegedly been taken there to have sex with them for money, remains in Police custody.

The woman is reportedly is willing to disclose the identities of the males who had paid her to be permitted to use her daughters as sex slaves.

A Police source close to the investigation told INews that on the night that the girls had escaped, two men who frequent the home were scheduled to visit. When the teens heard that the men were coming for sexual acts, and would be spending the night there, they fled to the Police station for help.

According to the Police source, the most disturbing part of this appalling situation is the girls’ claim that their mother would be present in the same room, looking on as the men engage in sexual activities with her daughters.

“Then the men pay her (mother), and then she also collects from her daughters the money that the men gave them for sex…

“The girls said (that) whenever guys come in their home for sex, their mother sits there and looks at them… and then they give her some money and then she lets the guys sleep with the children the whole night,” the Police source said.

INews understands that the woman had been using her daughters as sex slaves for quite some time.

The Police source revealed that, after being arrested, the girls’ mother has expressed willingness to provide information about the two men who frequent the home, and others who had paid her in the past. The source added that the woman’s testimony would have to be video-recorded.

Last Thursday night, the two teens, aged 13 and 14, reportedly ran out of the home where they lived with their mother, and sought help from a nearby Police station.

The Director of the Child Care and Protection Agency (CCPA), Ann Greene, confirmed on Saturday that the two girls are in the custody of the State, and are receiving the requisite care and medical treatment.

She explained that when she was notified about the matter on Friday evening, she immediately arranged for the sisters to be transported from that ECD Police station to a safe house.

Greene said she requested that the Police take the girls’ mother into custody while the children visit the hospital to undergo medical examination. However, it was not smooth sailing for the girls, since doctors on duty could not attend to them immediately, because of their physical state of neglect and because their hair was infested with lice.

She said that after the CCPA officers had completed that task and had returned to the hospital with the teenagers, the medical services could not have been provided because it was beyond the period of working hours in that department of the hospital.

Greene said statements in regard to the allegations could not have been taken at the Police station when the girls had rushed there for help, because the first priority was getting them into a safe place, where they could be cared for and obtain medical treatment.

However, statements are expected to be formally taken at the Police station this week.