‘Handy man’ stabbed to death during argument – attacker surrenders to Police


A young man is now in police custody after he allegedly stabbed to death another man with whom he had an argument early this morning at Cornel Street, Stabroek.

Commander of “A” Division, Clifton Hicken, told INews moments ago that investigations into the matter are presently underway.

crimeIt is alleged that the 26-year-old man and the now dead 45-year-old began rowing around 07:10 hrs today when the argument became physical. The suspect then withdrew a knife which was secured close to his waist and dealt an undisclosed number of stabs to the other man, killing him in the process.

Persons in the area, upon realising what was happening, rushed to render assistance to the  victim while some of them tried to restrain the alleged assailant. However, upon noticing that persons were approaching him, the suspect fled the scene and ran straight ahead to the Brickdam Police Station where he approached police ranks and told them of his actions.

He was immediately arrested.

According to a source, the two men did odd jobs around the area such as washing out the premises for stallholders, fetching loads for vendors and cleaning up the stalls when it was closing time.

The perpetrator and the victim are both said to have been frequently using drugs and were deemed to be “junkies” in the Stabroek market area.



  1. Junkies or not,blood is on the hands of this govt,failure of effective punishment,shall see the rise of more murders.It’s sad to say but very true.


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