GWI to retire old GT sewer starting tomorrow; temporary disruption will occur

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works-web[] – The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), has advised that the company will be decommissioning old sewer mains in Georgetown to facilitate activation of the new sewerage system.

The new system was recently rehabilitated under the Government of Guyana (GOG) and Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) US$ 10 Million Georgetown Sanitation Improvement Programme (GSIP),

The decommissioning exercise will commence tomorrow (Wednesday, June 18), and will be followed by the activation of the rehabilitated Force and Delivery Mains as well as 24 refurbished sewer pump stations. This exercise may result in a temporary interruption of the system.

Customers with concerns are asked to contact GWI’s Sanitation Hotline numbers on 227-8718 and 226-6059 from Monday to Friday between 8:00 to 17:00hours.

The company anticipates a successful transition to the rehabilitated system and wishes to assure customers that every effort is being taken to minimize any inconvenience the temporary interruption may cause.  

Components of the Programme included the complete replacement of the 5.5 KM Sewerage Ring Main in Georgetown; replacement of all delivery mains; purchase and installation of additional pumps for 24 pumping stations to ensure adequate pressure, operational reliability and the improvement of electrical connections.


It also included an assessment and emergency rehabilitation of street sewers in selected areas and the purchase of maintenance and operating equipment.


Further, the implementation of the GSIP included the strengthening of GWI’s Wastewater Management and Energy Efficiency. This component involved the development of an asset management implementation strategy; staff training programmes on wastewater operation, maintenance practices and energy use.


The contract also included public awareness campaigns that targeted schools and business owners.  This component was significant in light of the continued abuse of the system by customers who continue to dump solid waste which affects the efficiency of the system and results in overflows.   It was imperative that these structural improvements provided by the programme be complemented by the proper use of the system by customers in order to achieve maximum efficiency. 




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