Guyhoc Park mechanic killed in early morning home invasion


A well-known mechanic was brutally killed early this morning (Saturday, July 27, 2019) when gunmen invaded his Guyhoc Park, Georgetown home.

Dead is 44-year-old Reginald Atherly, a well-mechanic called ‘Diesel Boss’ and ‘Reggie’.

According to reports, Atherly was shot multiple times by two masked men who invaded his lot G26 Guyhoc Park home sometime around 04:00h today. This publication understands that the gunmen gained access into the home by removing louvered panes from the windows situated on the side of the house.

The dead man’s wife, Roxanne Crawford, who was home with him at the time he was shot, was completely inconsolable at their home, as she recalled what had transpired.

“I sleeping and I hear like two men talking. So as I hear this talking, I open my eyes and I realize two men deh aiming the gun, they had on this black hoodie and one taller than one. They got this old gun…and I start screaming cause I say when I scream they gon panic and they gon gotta go out back how they come in,” the grieving woman said.

In-between tears, she added, that Atherly who was on the bed with her also awoke, sprang up and rushed towards the men.

“I hear the shots dem start fire so I wake up my lil daughter and tell she bandits! Bandits! Go under the bed….and when I peep now to see wuh going on, I see he got one at the front door, he lay down on the ground and he grabble one of them and I run back fuh the cutlass me ain’t see he moving,” Crawford cried.

Meanwhile, the slain’s man mother, Ingrid Atherly, was still in a state of shock whilst speaking with media operatives.

“All we heard her (wife) screaming, and she call out for ‘Miss Atherly! Miss Atherly! Reggie just get shoot’, and we run at the back and saw him lie down there lifeless,” elderly woman recalled.

After the shooting, an unconscious Atherly was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Cooperation (GPHC), where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The grieving mother described her son as friendly, while expressing uncertainty as to why someone wanted him dead.

“He don’t have no enemies, he’s so friendly a lot of people would come to him, he always got a raise to pull out his pocket and gave them. So I don’t know who would want to out his light to cruel, he didn’t deserve this at all,” the grieving mother said.

The 44-year-old man leaves to mourn his wife, five children, mother and other family members.

Investigations into his murder continues.