Guyanese man found murdered, burnt in Georgia; relatives demand justice

Dead: Darnley Colin Marshall
Dead: Darnley Colin Marshall

The body of a Guyanese man was last week found in DeKalb County, Georgia, United States of America.

Dead is 58-year-old Darnley Colin Marshall. The DeKalb Police said the man was killed and his body burnt, according to FOX 5 Atlanta.

It was reported that park workers at the Southeast Athletic Complex off Hillvale Road discovered the man’s burnt body on the morning of Thursday, February 28.

A dumpster beside Marshall’s charred remains was also burnt. According to the Police report, workers found the gate had been secured with a chain, yet the park gate is never locked.

FOX 5 Atlanta reported that the Police could not have identified the dead man that said day. In fact, it was only until the following day when relatives found out about the discovery that the man was identified.

Relatives of the now dead man, who is a father of six, are demanding justice as they search for answers as to what happened.

“Who would do something like that to him?” FOX 5 Atlanta reported Marshall’s sister Olive Haly as saying. “Come forward and speak the truth.”

The Georgia news agency reported that family members claimed that Marshall’s cellphone, as well as his 2015 red Suzuki Boulevard motorcycle, is still missing.

Police are said to be searching for clues related to a motive and any possible suspects.



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