Guyanese engage in peaceful protest outside UN headquarters

[Neil Marks' photo]

[Neil Marks' photo]
[Neil Marks’ photo]
[] – Guyanese on Tuesday staged a peaceful protest outside of the United Nations headquarters, in New York against Venezuela’s aggressions towards Guyana.

The protest came as Guyana’s President David Granger delivered his address to the 70th General Assembly, attended by over 100 Heads of State from across the world.

The US based Guyanese are calling for Venezuela to desist from actions of aggressions against Guyana.

They sang Guyana’s National Anthem and held placards that read “Not a Blade of Grass”, from the famous Dave Martins song, among other similar statements.

Venezuela aggressive behavior against Guyana has led to Guyana now seeking a judicial settlement of an existing border controversy.

The controversy has been spurred time and time again by Venezuela, with the most recent being just after an oil discovery offshore Guyana.

President Granger has told the UN that “for fifty years Venezuela has promulgated spurious decrees claiming our territory, the most recent being on May 26th, 2015, our independence anniversary, when it issued Decree No. 1.787 with specified coordinates purporting to annex almost our entire maritime zone. That decree constituted a reassertion of its claim to five of Guyana’s ten regions.”

The President stated, “Guyana’s border with Venezuela was settled 116 years ago. The whole world, except the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, accepts our border.”



  1. John it is so easy to understand your mentality. Because you are afforded a forum you think that you con say anything since you don’t have to prove it. It is sad that people like you have encouraged the past administration in Guyana. Whether it was your level of literacy, or your compliance with a corrupt administration, it was stupid and criminal. After all that they have done to the country that you apparently live in, you are still a blind supporter. It is ironic that you who suffered the most from their actions are still a staunch supporter. If race or party has blinded you so much then they were correct to use you and the people who behaved as you do. As for where I live: you can bet your last GT dollar that the coin that i spend is US and lots of it that i make at an upscale career in whichever country that you think that I reside in….. OH! and John ! check your grammar… i am an educator my info is public in my state… if you try hard enough you can find it.

  2. Walk around queens on Saturday and you will see your type driving the best and standing in the food pantry line, they in the supermarket sporting a food stamp, they all from richmond hill,they park the luxury cars a block away and walk to collect the food,many of them also on section 8 so SHoooooo

  3. stupid please come and see how all Guyanese are being respected the crime rate at 12% William I am sure you not living in the states believe me given your life in America for Guyana I highly question that is the truth. fool yourself

  4. what have these pickers contribute to Guyana? I hope that they come back or deported back here given that the so love the pnc government . they looks so stupid

  5. The person who claims that, we the protesters, are on welfare does not truly know the Guyanese American mentality. We came to this country because our own Guyanese Govt, until the last election, was the most corrupt in the western hemisphere in the last 25 years, many of us are now trying to “wrap up” our American experience to come home and contribute to the development of our country because we know that there is now an administration that will represent ALL Guyanese, but when we read statements like yours we wonder if we should just blame it on your minimal intellect and small-mindedness or should just take a second look at our homeland and the people that currently reside there. In answer to your welfare claim….Guyanese Americans have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the USA.

  6. One thing you will know for sure they won’t be PPP supporters… Spineless unpatriotic individuals who put party, money, corruption above everyone else…. If it came down to fighting for their country you will never see them… Their only love for Guyana is leeching out as much as they can get out of her…. No morals no patriotism….no shame.

  7. Do you have proof of those Guyanese picketing are on welfare. And may I let you know I live in Canada. I can see how your mind work….You have to be one clueless and judgemental person.

  8. There are a few very selfish and very unpatriotic so-called Guyaneswe who would say terrible things about these Guyanese patriots who make the sacrifice to go and Protest outside the UN. But those very same UNPATRIOTICa so-called Guyanese would want more Guyana land – the type of co-called Guyanese who even KILL their own relatives for Guyana land. SHAME on them.

  9. Most of those picketers are living on welfare in the U.S. but find enough energy to picket. Well picketing and protesting is all they know. What a shame!


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