Guyana’s Football in management crisis – Referee’s Counsel; No confidence votes expected

Alfred King.


Head of the Guyana Football Referees Counsel (GFRC), Alfred King.
Head of the Guyana Football Referees Counsel (GFRC), Alfred King.

[] – Guyana’s football is in a management crisis. This is the view of the Guyana Football Referees Counsel (GFRC) Head Alfred King, who spoke to media on Friday afternoon.

According to King, the sport’s administration is “worse off than it has ever been in any other stage of football development.”

He hammered the current administration of the Guyana Football Federation, which according to an inside source is not finding favour with several associations and is likely to receive several no confidence motions at the upcoming congress set for later this month.

King went on to state that the sport is falling back into chaos, something similar to the stage at which it was several years ago with the impasse between the Georgetown Football Association and the Football Federation.

He noted that the congress entrusts the Federation the power to run the day to day affairs of the sport, something that seems not to be happening.

The Federation which caters for a President and three Vice Presidents, on April 19 has just its President, and one Vice President, Ivan Persaud who according to the same inside source fails to show up for meetings.Guyana Football Federation

One of the other two Vice Presidents, Rawlston Adams resigned while the other, Collie Hercules has been suspended.

The first of recommendations by the GFRC Head is to strengthen the core of the sport, adding that proper management needs to be in place and persons who can manage the various resources need to be given the chance.

He cited no proper management skills and there is no administrative authority in place to take care of the day-to-day management of football.

King noted that after the strengthening of the executive arm of the sport, only then can associations grow from strength to strength.




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